The project has started in 2007 or around that, exact date is uncertain, no one remember it. Originally project was supposed to be trance in general, but later style accents have changed. Nowadays main genres are House, Trance, Dance, Lounge, Breakbeat, Drum’n’bass. Usually I don’t lock myself in just one single genre, so usually my tracks are sort of a compilation in different styles and genres.

I am always looking for any kind of promotion or collaboration, so if you have any proposals, feel free to contact me.

WeirdoTue Oct 29 20195:46GroovySat Dec 28 20194:43GlitterSun Oct 01 20173:05RuleWed Jun 07 20174:52Two ObjectsMon Feb 27 20172:11LiquidFri Nov 13 20156:42WaitThu Aug 25 20164:58RhodesSat Jul 02 20164:55Deep BlueFri Apr 01 20165:07New FeaturesSun Sep 27 20154:26O__xNealMon Jan 19 20152:04Show ItSun Mar 02 20144:56WtfSun Mar 02 20143:12SaturnSun Dec 23 20125:58EternitySun Nov 11 20125:21O__xBring The NoiseWed Aug 15 20122:56O__xAftereffectsMon Jun 25 20124:32O__xHorizonsSat Jun 09 20122:17O__xXTraSat Jun 09 20122:04O__xUnionSat Jun 09 20123:47O__xAbove & Beyond - Alone Tonight (DiS Movement Mix)Sat Jun 09 20123:00O__xExpSat Jun 09 20122:30O__xFearSat Jun 09 20123:05O__xRight Kontrol - Slowmotion (DiS Remix)Sat Jun 09 20123:46O__xRight Kontrol - Heroes Never Die (DiS Remix)Sat Jun 09 20122:23O__xSingularitySat Jun 09 20125:35O__xPlainSat Jun 09 20126:19O__xOmniSat Jun 09 20125:16NuclearSat Jun 09 20125:10O__xNowhereSat Jun 09 20122:09O__xNo More 8bitSat Jun 09 20126:42O__xNo BoundariesSat Jun 09 20126:49O__xNexusSat Jun 09 20122:57O__xNew BornSat Jun 09 20124:34O__xFucking HouseSat Jun 09 20123:56O__xDropsSat Jun 09 20127:17O__xDriving BasslineSat Jun 09 20122:45O__xDark MoodSat Jun 09 20122:29O__xCleanSat Jun 09 20123:11O__xClean GSat Jun 09 20123:55O__xBuzzSat Jun 09 20123:43O__xBorealisSat Jun 09 20122:57